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The best Time to Cold Call (for freight sales):

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Freight Sales Pro Tip #2
The Best Time to Cold Call (for freight sales)

Successful cold calling requires the seller to be empathetic toward the target. The path to empathy is understanding the target’s job, concerns, time constraints and pressures. From this point forward in this article, we’ll refer to the decision maker as a “Traffic Manager”. Today’s traffic manager is often responsible for much more than selecting service providers to transport freight. Common responsibilities often include managing the warehouse, the dock, the yard and all associated employees and vendors.

Sales reps make two types of calls, cold calls and follow up calls. Knowing when to make what type of call and when is critical to the success of the sales rep. Thus, understanding the week of a traffic manager is important. Here, I will break up the days as AM (opening to lunch) and PM (after lunch to closing).

Monday AM - Traffic manager’s focus on the weekend’s “exceptions” (shipments that moved over the weekend that were not picked up, are running late, are mis-routed, damaged, etc). Mondays can be hectic. Cold calling a traffic manager who is trying to attain answers and updates will most likely upset your target. Follow up calls are made best for Monday mornings.

Monday PM - Follow up calls are preferred, but it is OK to test cold calling after 3pm.

Tuesday AM - Cold calls & follow up calls.

Tuesday PM - Cold calls.

Wednesday AM - Cold Calls.

Wednesday PM - Cold Calls.

Thursday AM - Follow up calls because the traffic manager is setting up carriers for Friday pickup to move freight over the weekend.

Thursday PM - Follow up calls because the traffic manager is setting up carriers for Friday pickup to move freight over the weekend.

Friday AM - Follow up calls because the traffic manager is focused on making sure all freight will be picked up for the weekend.

Friday PM - Cold Calls. The best time to cold call is after 3pm on a friday. Why? The traffic manager is watching the clock waiting for the weekend to start. Most freight reps have mentally started the weekend and you’ll have very little competition.

Never cold call 3 days prior to a major holiday or long weekend. The traffic managers are usually wide open trying to ensure all freight is moved.

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