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User Guide

Table of Contents

Accessing SalesDrip
Logging In to SalesDrip
Reset Your Password
General Concepts
Contact Status Terminology
Buyer Journey Stages Explained
System Flow Chart
 Drip Templates & Workflow Timing  
Enlighten Stage Drips & Timing  
Discover Stage Drips & Timing  
Evaluate Stage Drips & Timing  
Justify Stage Drips & Timing  
New Customer Workflow & Timing  
Customer Workflow & Timing  
Starting & Adjusting Campaigns  
Send A Brochure & Start A Drip Campaign (Video)  
Send A Brochure Only (Video)  
Adjust Buyer Journey Stage (Video)  
Start A New Customer Campaign (Video)  
Start A Existing Customer Campaign (Video)  
Adding A New Contact (Video)  
Quick Seach For A Contact (Video)  
Detailed Search For A Contact (Video)  
Mapping Contacts In A Group (Video)  
How To Sort Contacts (Video)  
Quick Add A Activity (Video)  
Add An Activity (Video)  
Overdue Activity - Find & Complete (Video)  
Completed Activity - Find & View (Video)  
Outstanding Activity - Find & View (Video)  
Creating & Emailing a Rate Quote (Video)   
Create An Opportunity (Video)  
View & Move Opportunities (Video)  



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